Whole30 Week One: All the Prep in the World Can Still Lead to Slip-ups


Alright, these weekly posts are going to be long, but I am TOTALLY transparent about everything I ate and drank (including links to recipes, compliant products, and inspiration), every time I slipped up and had to restart, and what I actually liked and what you would do better to avoid. Stick with me and I promise we will learn and survive this challenge together!


  • Monday: Day 1
    •  Prep
      • Whole 30 Mayo: lesson learned – the author was very right; use a very light tasting olive oil or a more neutral oil. Mine ended up tasting mighty bitter. :[
      • Kale Almond Pesto: I used basil instead of parsley as I had a huge bunch of fresh basil that needed to be used. I then combined the entirety of this pesto with a doubled portion of the mayo. Although the mayo is still a bit bitter, the flavors of the pesto made it much more palatable so I didn’t have to waste 2 1/2 cups of my olive oil!
      • Dump Ranch: I used a mix of freeze dried chives, dill and parsley. This stuff tastes really good, but be aware that the coconut milk will separate and harden in the fridge. Also, once it is back at room temperature and mixable, the consistency is very thin and not exactly optimal for dipping veggies.
      • Date Paste: I only had about 1/2 cup dates, but this makes a great sweetener. Although it is recommended to avoid sweetening things, even with compliant ingredients, I will keep a little of this on hand for use in sauces, etc.
      • Banana Chia Pudding: I separated this into an 8 oz jar for work the next day and a bigger pint jar to stretch during a ski trip later in the week.
      • I washed and dried grapes and raspberries then combined some of them into baggies together and some individually.
      • I prepared baggies of almonds and pecans.
    • Eating
      • Snacks: Green lettuce leaf with a slice of smoked turkey, stone ground mustard and bacon crumbles; Wonderful Salt & Pepper Pistachios; red grapes
      • Dinner: Crab cake spaghetti squash and thai chopped salad
        • Crab cake spaghetti squash: Cut spaghetti squash in half. Scrape out seeds and stringy center. Rub inside of squash with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper; place face down on a foil lined sheet. Bake at 375 for 45 mins. In the meantime, mix together 8 oz. crab claw meat (lump crab would be even better, but it is more expensive) with 1/2 cup chopped fresh mango, 1/2 chopped red onion, 1/8 cup roasted garlic and peppercorn dressing, 1/8 cup Annie’s  Lemon and Dill dressing, 1-2 chopped chipotle peppers, 1-2 tsp. adobo. Top with 1/2 cup or so chopped almonds. Bake for 20 mins more. Serve with avocado wedges and chopped green onions.
        • Thai Chopped Salad: I only had about 2.5 tbsp rice vinegar, so I added 1/2 tbsp white wine vinegar. I replaced the peanut butter with almond butter and the honey with date paste to make this Whole30 compliant.I also chose to omit the romaine because I knew everything else would hold up pretty well in the dressing for leftovers the next day.
        • I’m not going to lie…as pretty as the meal was (pictured above) neither of these were really my favorite. I didn’t save any leftovers of the spaghetti squash and barely ate any of the salad the next day.
    • Feeling: Overall, I was feeling good about taking on this challenge. I put a lot of time into planning every meal for the next 30 days and took a nice long shopping trip to get everything I would need for the next two weeks. I was pretty disappointed in dinner, but I was still ready to conquer my Whole30.
  • Tuesday: Day 2
    •  Prep
      • Make and freeze Savory Zucchini Pancakes with Bacon and Chives
        • I know, I know…technically the Whole30 rules say not
      • Cook extra bacon for Club lettuce wraps on my ski trip
      • Make Paleo Whole30 “Hummus”
        • I had plans for all of my zucchini, so I subbed in some yellow squash that I had in my freezer. Instead of roasting it, I added a little olive oil to a skillet and sauteed the frozen squash until it was soft and just starting to brown.
    • Eating
      • Breakfast: Banana chia pudding (see Day 1 prep for details)
      • Lunch: Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage, Koop’s stone ground mustard, leftover Thai Chopped Salad
        • These sausages are delicious! I see why all the Whole30ers rely on these so much.
      • Snacks: Dried apricots, red grapes, clementine, date
      • First Dinner: Cabbage soup from my mom (who is also doing a January Whole30!) – just ground beef, carrots, cabbage, canned tomatoes, beef stock and a bunch of spices
      • Dinner: Chipotle Chicken “tacos”with fajita veggies, mango salsa and guacamole
        • I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s Plantain Chips! They were great dipped in guac and salsa, plus they come in handy later in the week for some Whole30 compliant nachos!
        • I didn’t notice until Day 3 when I went to buy more that there is Potassium Metasulfite in bottled lime juice! My first indiscretion…
    • Feeling: Starving! I felt like I couldn’t eat enough! Hence the double dinners… I was also incredibly tired – I had been up late on the break and it was my first day back in the office, so that probably had a lot to do with it.
  • Wednesday: Day 3
    •  Eating
      • Breakfast: Savory Zucchini Pancake with Bacon and Chives; grapes and raspberries
      • Lunch: Leftover Chicken Taco Bowl with some romaine, guac and mango salsa, Terra chips
      • Dinner: Thai Spiced Turkey Burgers and Creamy Pineapple Ginger Slaw
        • The turkey burger mixture was REALLY wet, so I added some coconut flour to make the patties hold together a little better. The texture was still a little different than I would have liked, but they tasted really good.
        • Yet another disappointing slaw…I liked this one better than the Thai, but I still didn’t eat much of the leftovers.
    • Feeling: WAY more satisfied. I was hungry for my breakfast so I don’t think it was from eating so much yesterday, but I didn’t eat lunch until around 3 because I was still totally satisfied.
  • Thursday: Day 1, Take 2
    • Prep for Ski Trip Weekend!
      • Chop apples
      • Dehydrate pears
      • Pack small containers of almond butter, dump ranch (see Day 1 prep for details), pesto mayo (see Day 1 prep) and Rocky Mountain Salsa
      • Make and divide Inner Goddess Raspberry Bowls
        • This is one of my favorite breakfasts. I usually use mango, but I tried peach this time and it was just as good! I usually serve relatively small portions with fresh fruit.
      • Make new batch of compliant guacamole, taco meat and fajita veggies
        • I made my own taco seasoning and used about 1/8 cup of the mix with a pound of ground turkey.
      • Make 2 mason jar salads
        • 1 Tbsp. Annie’s Lemon and Chive dressing, then 1/4 cup cherry tomatoes, then 1/2 cup arugula
        • 1-2 Tbsp. Sprouts Roasted Garlic & Peppercorn dressing, then 1/4 cup chopped cucumber, then about 1/8 cup chopped red onion, then 1/4 cup cherry tomatoes, then 1/2 cup chopped romaine
        • For mason jar salads to keep, it is important to have the dressing at the bottom, then stack the wettest ingredients leading up to the driest ingredients with the greens on top to keep them from getting soggy.
      • Make and divide Mediterranean Tuna Salad
        • I accidentally dumped a can of Chicken of the Sea tuna into the mix before checking the label. NOT COMPLIANT! It contains soy, so I ended up giving this to my roommate and took some chicken sausages in its place for the trip. My roommate said it was delicious, though. I would love to try this again when I get some more compliant tuna.
      • Make Kickasserole Paleo Breakfast Casserole
        • Instead of bacon, I made my own sausage with ground beef
        • I also made my own Italian Seasoning
        • For the greens, I used kale, and I had other plans for the carrots I had, so I subbed in some broccolini I needed to use up
    • Eating
      • Breakfast: Leftover Banana Chia Pudding
      • Lunch: Club Lettuce Wrap with Turkey, bacon, tomato, onion, and pesto mayo; Sweets and Beets with hummus (see Day 2 prep for details); Grapes and raspberries
      • Dinner: Leftover cabbage roll soup
      • Snacks: I drank a GT’s kombucha and ate more pistachios than I probably should have on our drive up to Copper Mountain. I usually binge on soda and chips during road trips, so I was just trying to fight the urge to grab all of the junk food when we stopped at a gas station.
    • Feeling: I was a little frustrated that I didn’t look at the ingredients before dumping that tuna in…I had planned that for two meals during our trip, so I had to do some regrouping. Overall, though, I was proud of myself for taking the time to make all the food I would need and being so prepared.
  • Friday: Day 2
    •  Eating
      • Breakfast: Leftover Banana Chia Pudding
      • Lunch: I had made a lettuce wrap and packed some fruit and nuts to snack on, but left them in our room. I only had 45 mins for lunch while on break from my snowboarding lesson. I spent probably 30 mins trying to figure out what I could eat in the lodge. I ended up just getting a salad and used Tabasco as dressing because they didn’t have any oil and vinegar or lemons. Without even thinking, I ate the baby corn that came with it, bringing in indiscretion number two…
      • Dinner: After two accidental cheats in one day and really kinda sucking at learning to snowboard, I was incredibly frustrated. Knowing I needed to start over, I went ahead and just ate some lasagna with the family and had a couple beers.
      • Snacks: Sweets and Beets with hummus; Tonic Water with lime
        • I got tonic water and seltzer water confused, thinking tonic was the one without sugar…WRONG! Indiscretion number three…
    • Feeling: Defeated and frustrated! The family was eating all kinds of deliciousness in the lodge during lunch, but I thought I was staying strong with my weird little salad, just to realize later that I absentmindedly broke the rules. This day reminded me just how vigilant you have to be at all times.
  • Saturday: Day 1, Take 3
    •  Eating
      • Breakfast: Kickasserole and raspberries
      • Lunch: Club Lettuce Wrap (minus tomato and onion) with the lemon chive dressed salad, dried pears, almonds, and grapes
      • Dinner: Plantain Nachos with ground turkey, fajita veg, leftover mango salsa from taco night, some hot Pace, guac, and Rotel; Coconut Water with Pineapple
      • Snacks: grapes, almonds, celery with hummus, apples with almond butter
    • Feeling: SUPER hungry from all of the exercise I was getting while snowboarding and fighting the urge to eat all the delicious things my family was indulging in.
  • Sunday: Day 2
    • Eating
      • Breakfast: Inner Goddess Raspberry Bowl (See Day 3 prep for details); GT’s kombucha
      • Brunch: I wanted to just go home, but we met up with a friend that is having a hard time. He and my boyfriend were throwing back bottomless mimosas like there was no tomorrow, but I stayed strong and just had a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. I spent a lot of time looking at their menu and asked a lot of questions, but after starting over thrice in one week, I didn’t feel comfortable taking any chances.
      • Lunch: Leftover taco meat, fajita veg, guac and mango salsa over chopped romaine with some dump ranch mixed with Rocky Mountain Salsa drizzled over the top
      • Dinner: Paleo Slow Cooker Jalapeno Chili
      • Snack: Leftover Kickasserole
    • Feeling: Glad to be home. It’s really difficult to stay strong when everyone is indulging in vacation goodies. I had a few slip ups, but I’m still glad I made this commitment and that I started over so that when I get to day 30, I know that I did it whole-heartedly and honestly.


Needless to say, this is a “challenge” for a reason. The Whole30 isn’t for the weak of heart. It takes constant diligence, tireless devotion to your commitment, and TONS of planning and preparing. We got this, though!

Be well!


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